Check Buford and Gwinnett Power Outages via Online Map

Here's the link to Georgia Power's interactive map that displays locations and conditions.

Screenshot from Georgia Power website.
Screenshot from Georgia Power website.
With summer in Gwinnett comes stormy weather. And so Georgia Power, which provides the juice, now has an online method to track the situation when power goes out.

The utility has an outage map for its entire coverage area that lets customers track outages and estimated times of restoration. The map is available on desktop and mobile devices with Internet access.

Some key points:

  • the map is updated every 10 minutes;
  • users can find info about a particular outage by zooming into that area;
  • users can filter for particular counties and ZIP Codes;
  • users can report on an outage, and check on the status of their own outage, residential or business.
For the online map, click here.

For an FAQ on the map and procedures, click here.

-- How do you prepare for stormy weather? Share your procedures below in the comments.


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