Happy Valentine's Day from Buford's Past

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Keeping it simple with a historic Valentine's theme this week, including a teen dating poll from the 1950s.

Be sure to check out the romantic photos from the museum archives. 

Mother Daughter Banquet Featured Valentine Theme:

"The annual Mother Daughter FHA (Future Homemakers of America) Banquet was held in the high school auditorium on Thursday evening, Feb. 13th...Approximately 65 mothers, daughters and faculty members enjoyed the occasion. Decorations for the event featured a Valentine's theme. The food for the occasion was prepared and served by the Home Economics students....the menu consisted of baked ham and complimentary dishes. Good food, attractive decorations, inspiring talk and family fellowship provided a very entertaining evening for those present."

....from the Feb 20, 1958, Buford Advertiser

The 1951 BHS Junior and Senior Boys and Girls Dating Poll:

Ever wonder what Buford teens thought about dating and sex way-back-when? The following appeared in an April 1951 edition of the  Green and White, Buford High School's newspaper from the 1930s through the 1950sThe poll covered everything from dancing to Dutch Treats (sharing expenses), as well as the students' opinion on the need for sex education in schools

("Boy/girl"  indicate that girls were asked about boys, and boys asked about girls)

1. Do you think boys/girls are the main interest of most high school girls/boys?     

Girls: Yes: 22   No: 13   Uncertain: 6     

Boys: Yes: 19  No: 13   Uncertain: 5

2. Do you think high school boys and girls should go steady?      

Girls: Yes: 9   No: 26   Uncertain: 6     

 Boys: Yes: 19  No: 13   Uncertain: 5

3. Do you think it's better for high school boys and girls to double date? 

Girls: Yes: 36   No: 3   Uncertain: 2       

Boys: Yes: 29 No: 3   Uncertain: 3

4. Is it better for high school boys and girls to have dates for specific affairs--a dance, movies, team games, etc?      

Girls: Yes: 34  No: 5  Uncertain: 2      

Boys: Yes: 22  No: 9  Uncertain: 5

5. Is a date for an informal party at a boy's or girl's home too tame for fun?       

Girls: Yes: 12   No: 21   Uncertain: 8       

Boys: Yes: 5     No: 21   Uncertain: 10

6. Would you rather date a boy/girl who isn't so good looking but has a good personality? 

Girls: Yes: 38 No: 3   Uncertain: 1      

Boys: Yes: 25  No: 6   Uncertain: 5

7.  For girls: After a dance or game would you like to invite a boy into your home for "eats"? 

Girls: Yes: 19   No: 13  Uncertain: 10     

For boys: After a dance or game would you sometimes like to be invited for "eats" at the girl's home?      

Boys: Yes: 18  No: 9   Uncertain: 3

8. Is petting a common practice among high school boys and girls? 

Girls: Yes: 12  No: 18   Uncertain: 12      

Boys: Yes: 21   No: 4     Uncertain: 11

9. Is it up to the boy/girl to set the behavior standards to be followed on a date?

Girls: Yes: 3  No: 36   Uncertain: 3       

Boys: Yes: 17  No: 12  Uncertain: 5

10. Do girls/boys talk over among themselves their dates and experiences with boys/girls?        

Girls: Yes: 31   No: 4   Uncertain: 2        

Boys: Yes: 22  No: 11   Uncertain: 4

11. For girls: Does a girl want to be kissed goodnight on her first date with a boy?          

Girls: Yes: 6  No: 30   Uncertain: 6      

For boys: Should a boy kiss a girl goodnight on their first date?   

Boys: Yes: 19  No: 12   Uncertain: 5

12.  For girls: Would you date a boy a second time if he tried to neck or pet on the first date? 

Girls: Yes: 5   No: 31  Uncertain: 6       

For boys: Would you date a girl a second time if she refused to allow you to neck or pet?           

Boys: Yes: 23  No: 6   Uncertain: 7

13.  Would you be seriously interested in a boy/girl who has a reputation for petting freely? 

Girls: Yes: 0   No: 31   Uncertain: 6          

Boys: Yes: 3  No: 28   Uncertain: 5

14.  Are girls/boys to blame for "the petting game?"           

Girls: Yes: 5  No: 28   Uncertain: 9          

Boys: Yes: 19  No: 11   Uncertain: 7 

15. Does it make a boy/girl popular in your crowd if they pet?  

Girls: Yes: 1  No: 40   Uncertain: 2         

Boys: Yes: 19  No: 13   Uncertain: 5

16. Do you like to see high school boys/girls smoke?         

Girls: Yes: 7  No: 24   Uncertain: 10         

Boys: Yes: 1  No: 34   Uncertain: 0

17. Do you think it is important that a boy/girl be a good dancer? 

Girls: Yes: 19   No: 19  Uncertain: 4         

Boys: Yes: 11  No: 23   Uncertain: 2

18. Do young couples discuss "sex" on dates?        

Girls: Yes: 7   No: 29   Uncertain: 6        

Boys: Yes: 7  No: 20   Uncertain: 15

19. Do you feel that you yourself have adequate sex information? 

Girls: Yes: 23   No: 11   Uncertain: 8         

Boys: Yes: 18  No: 7   Uncertain: 11

20. Do you feel sex education should be taught in high school? 

Girls: Yes: 31  No: 7  Uncertain: 4         

Boys: Yes: 12 No: 20   Uncertain: 3

21. Do you feel sex education should be taught in mixed groups? 

Girls: Yes: 13  No: 26   Uncertain: 3         

Boys: Yes: 30  No: 3   Uncertain: 1

22. Do you think a boy/girl should take pains to dress neatly? 

Girls: Yes: 32   No: 0   Uncertain: 0         

Boys: Yes: 30  No: 3   Uncertain: 3

23. Dutch Treats are occasionally okay?          

Girls: Yes: 24   No: 1   Uncertain: 11         

Boys: Yes: 19  No: 7   Uncertain: 10

24. For girls: A car adds to a boy's popularity with less than half the girls? 

Girls: Yes: 29  No: 6  Uncertain: 5      

For boys: Calling on the phone just to talk seems to rate?          

Boys: Yes: 18  No: 14   Uncertain: 4

25. For girls: Lots of spending money adds to a boy's popularity with only a small minority? 

Girls: Yes: 21  No: 14   Uncertain: 8        

For boys: A good personality rates way above looks?          

Boys: Yes: 30  No: 3   Uncertain: 3

Note: The numbers don't always add up in the results, either because they were recorded incorrectly or not everyone answered every question. On average it looks as though 41 girls and 36 boys participated in the poll.

Marriage or a Diploma?:

"In the last two years there has been a higher percentage of students quitting school in Buford than ever before. One of the main reasons for this is that girls and boys are leaving school to get married. It seems that boys and girls should realize the importance of getting ahead and finishing school..."
...from the Feb. 11, 1947 Green & White



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Lynn Bacon February 15, 2013 at 05:12 PM
What a difference in values between then and now. I can't even begin to think of where we will be in another 50 years.
Rebecca Bradshaw February 15, 2013 at 11:21 PM
I agree, Lynn! Thanks for commenting!


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