Woman With Mental Health Issues Claims to Have Explosives in Vehicle

The woman, who was later admitted to the hospital, reportedly gave a bank teller a note saying explosives were in her car.

Gwinnett County police reported two recent cases of suspects handing bomb-threat notes to bank tellers. A woman, who was later admitted to the hospital for mental health issues, reportedly gave a teller at a Lawrenceville-area bank a note saying explosives were in her car. Also, police were looking for a man after he allegedly walked up to the counter at a Duluth-area bank, passed the threatening note and fled with a small amount of cash.

In other strange police news:

Can you start the car we’re stealing?: A Snellville man, who was cleaning out his deceased father’s home in unincorporated Stone Mountain, was robbed and carjacked by armed men in the driveway. But the car wouldn't start without help from the victim, so the men made him get it running before they drove away. With the help of a witness, DeKalb County Police apprehended the suspects a short time later.

‘Dumb thing,’ for sure: A convicted felon who served 13 years in jail for armed robbery found himself back behind bars after he accidentally shot himself in the leg. The man, from Buford, admitted to police that he had done a “dumb thing” after a pistol he had tucked it in his waistband went off by accident. Gwinnett Police responded to a person-shot call and found the man lying in the back of a pickup. The suspect, who lied about his identity (of course he did), asked police “to let it slide because he already spent 13 years behind bars,” the incident report stated. They didn’t.

Hot cooking oil: The owner of a Sandy Springs-area Greek restaurant reported finding an unauthorized woman pumping used cooking oil into a container on a truck at the back of the establishment. She and an accomplice got away with $100 worth of grease. There’s apparently a market for used grease, according to Sandy Springs Police — 30 to 40 cents per pound.

Blame it on the cousin: A South Carolina man told police the two orange pills they found in his car during a traffic stop weren’t illegal drugs.  he reportedly told police. They weren’t, unless amphetamines have been re-classified.

Mischief with food: A report from the Walton County Sheriff’s Office included this item listed as a “Juvenile Problem.” One resident reported “several juveniles running away from the residence after they egged the front door and used Boars Head Deli Turkey and pasted it on the side of the residence.”

Pain in the ribs: A man stopped by the Winder Police Department for a traffic offense took off running to get away but all it got him were trips to the Barrow Regional Medical Center and Barrow County Detention Center. The suspect hurt his ribs when he reportedly jumped a fence during his attempted escape, and then faced multiple charges due to his shenanigans, which included taking his fiancee’s car without her permission.


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