Walmart Shoplifter Stopped ‘at Taser Point’

Man is reportedly a suspect in other Walmart thefts.

A man believed to have been involved in a series of thefts was taken into custody after a failed shoplifting attempt at the Buford Drive Walmart on Dec. 9.

A Walmart loss prevention officer called Gwinnett County Police after seeing a man he said was responsible for thefts at other Walmarts. The loss prevention officer followed the man, later identified as Kenneth Scott, 30, of Lawrenceville, through the store and watched as Scott loaded his shopping cart with merchandise. According to the loss prevention officer, Scott began to leave the store on several occasions but would then return inside to select additional merchandise.

By the time Scott left the store, several Gwinnett County Police officers had arrived and were waiting outside. As Scott walked past the registers and out the door, he reportedly looked behind him several times not realizing officers were present. After spotting the loss prevention officer following him, Scott began to run.

“At that time, the suspect was demanded to stop by [an officer] and was placed at taser point,” the officer wrote in the incident report.

Scott, who had abandoned his shopping cart outside the store, allegedly admitted that he had not paid for the merchandise in the cart. The total value of the stolen goods was $423.30.

Scott was transported to the Gwinnett County Jail. As of Dec. 20, Scott remained behind bars with a $2,950 bond on a charge of shoplifting.

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