Theft Suspect Says ‘Little Voice’ in Her Head Told Her She Had Done a Bad Thing

In-home caregiver admits taking jewelry from elderly woman and pawning it.

A Buford woman is facing numerous charges after admitting she stole several items of jewelry from an elderly woman in her care.

The 75-year-old victim called police on Aug. 23 to report that several items of jewelry were missing from her home. A short time later, her in-home caregiver, Diana Quiroz-Morales, 46, of Buford, reportedly confessed to taking the items.

According to the police report, Quiroz-Morales returned several of the stolen pieces of jewelry to the elderly woman, but had already pawned several of the items in exchange for a $327 payment from a pawn shop.

Quiroz-Morales reportedly explained to the investigating officer that she “had fallen on hard times and needed some cash.” While working inside the elderly woman’s home, Quiroz-Morales allegedly pocketed several pieces of jewelry and then later pawned a gold bracelet, earrings and a ring.

“She said the next day a ‘little voice in my head’  kept telling her that she had done a bad thing,” the officer wrote in the incident report.

Quiroz-Morales told the officer she became physically sick and felt the need to return the jewelry. She also accompanied the elderly woman to the pawn shop in an unsuccessful attempt to recover the pawned items.

Based on her admission and the elderly victim’s statement, Quiroz-Morales was placed under arrest on Aug. 24 on charges of theft by deception, theft by taking and exploitation of an elderly person. She was released the following day on a $23,700 bond.

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