Police: Holidays Bring Increase in Credit Card Fraud Cases

Gwinnett County Police advise filing police report and report with IC3.

What should you do if you become a victim of credit card fraud?

According to the Gwinnett County Police Department, the Electronic and Financial Crimes Unit (EFCU) experiences a large increase in the number of credit card fraud cases during the holiday season.

Due to the fact that stolen credit card information is used across the country and even internationally, police say these cases can be difficult to investigate due to the various jurisdictions involved.

To help facilitate these investigations, the ECFU recommends victims complete both a Gwinnett County incident report and a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) -- a collaboration between the FBI, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the National White Collar Crime Center. 

As a member of the National White Collar Crime Center, GCPD receives complaint referrals submitted through IC3.

"When a victim files a complaint with IC3, the complaint is reviewed and forwarded to appropriate jurisdictions for investigation," an ECFU press release stated. "Due to complaint referrals from IC3, GCPD has been able to successfully close a number of investigations originating in other jurisdictions.  By completing a complaint through IC3, victims maximize the chance that their case will have a successful resolution."

For more information, visit the IC3 website at www.ic3.gov.

Some GCPD reports may be filed online. Click here for additional information.

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DaculaHood December 06, 2012 at 03:12 PM
We've had two different AMEX card numbers lifted in just the past couple months and used to order THOUSANDS of dollars (each time) of equipment from Verizon the first time and Apple store the second time. These are cards we frequently use many times a day and often when dining out which is when these numbers are frequently lifted. The first time we filed a GCPD police report and although we had a report number and detective name there was no further contact from the detective (understand there are murderers and rapists that take priority). The last one we just caught this week and what really irks me is both times the goods (iPads mostly) were shipped to a different address than our home or business address registered with the cards. With all the crazy anti-fraud locks that American Express regularly puts on their cards (I've had to call into AMEX when purchasing $20 of gas out of state before) there were no "hits" on their little risk algorithm for nearly $6k of merchandise being shipped to another address (I went by the first house in an adjoining neiborhood and it appeared foreclosed and presumably used as the "pickup" location). Because of the lack of response last time I haven't filed a police report and simply went through AMEX to dispute the charge. In any event, the most important thing is to carefully review your statements for unauthorized charges.


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