Pizza Deliveryman Robbed at Gunpoint

Incident occurred at a local apartment complex.

Two men escaped with cash and food after a Jan. 2 armed robbery of a Papa John’s pizza deliveryman.

According to the deliveryman, an unknown individual placed an internet order and requested it be delivered to Plantation Ridge Apartments, located at 1022 Level Creek Road in Sugar Hill. Once the deliveryman arrived at the specified apartment, he knocked on the door, but no one answered. The deliveryman attempted to call the number listed on the internet order, but did not get an answer.

The deliveryman then began walking back to his vehicle. A few seconds later, he heard a noise in the bushes behind him.

At that point, a male suspect reportedly put a gun to the deliveryman's head, told him to get on the ground and demanded his money. The deliveryman gave the suspect some cash out of his pocket. The suspect, along with a male accomplice, then took the deliveryman’s wallet, remaining cash and credit card receipts. The suspects then allegedly ran from the area.

After waiting a few moments, the deliveryman went to a nearby apartment and called 911. K-9 units were called to the scene and tracked the suspects to a nearby building before losing the scent.

The manager of the apartment complex later advised police that the apartment to which the pizza delivery was sent has been vacant for over 30 days.

The two suspects escaped with an estimated $100 in cash, a large pizza, three cinnamon desserts, a 20-ounce Mountain Dew, a Papa John’s delivery bag and the deliveryman’s toboggan.

The case is listed as active.

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