Pistol-Packing Woman Puts End to Party

Gathering on Brett Drive brought to an abrupt close when irate woman reportedly waves gun at partygoers.

A Sept. 22 party on Brett Drive was going just fine, according to a witness, until the homeowner’s girlfriend began to “freak out.”

Gwinnett County Police were called to the 400 block of Brett Drive after the irate woman reportedly waved a gun at several partygoers. A witness told police that the woman, identified as Stacie Cronic, 25, of Buford, started yelling, “Who the [expletive deleted] invited all these people?” She reportedly approached several people, pulled out a Walther 9mm and began waving it around. Cronic then allegedly told everyone the party was over and cut power to the shed in order to stop the music.

One of the partygoers went inside the home to get his 3-year-old son. As he was leaving, Cronic allegedly said, “I’ll shoot you if you don’t leave.” The man left and notified authorities.

When interviewed by police, Cronic denied waving the gun and insisted it had been in a safe the whole time. Cronic’s boyfriend corroborated her statement.

“After we got their statement, they said they needed to go to sleep and went back in the house,” the officer wrote in the report.

Police subsequently made contact with another witness who said he saw Cronic walk back into the house with the gun, pull out the magazine and remove a round from the chamber before placing the gun, magazine and ammunition in a box.

Ultimately, three people provided statements to police indicating they had seen Cronic with the gun and that she had pointed it at two people.

After securing a warrant, police returned to Cronic’s residence on Sept. 23 and placed her under arrest on a charge of pointing a gun or pistol at another. She was released later that day on a $1,300 bond.

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