Motorist Follows Woman Home After Obscene Gesture

Woman said she gave man “the middle finger” after he reportedly almost caused an accident.

An obscene gesture allegedly prompted a motorist to follow a Hamilton Mill woman to her home after a near accident on Hamilton Mill Parkway.

The woman said a man driving a gray Dodge truck almost crashed into her vehicle on the parkway. According to the woman, the man then pulled his vehicle alongside hers and began swearing at her. The woman said after she gave the man “the middle finger,” he followed her home.

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The woman told Gwinnett County Police the man called her a “stupid idiot” and threatened to kill her. There were no witnesses, but the woman showed the investigating officer a photo of the man’s vehicle partially parked in her driveway and another photo of the man pointing his finger at the woman.

When reached by phone, the man -- who is also a Hamilton Mill resident -- told the investigating officer he thought the woman was driving drunk. He claimed he followed the woman to her house and informed her “the police were coming.”

No arrests were made. The case is listed as active.


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