News Nearby: Estranged Wife Accused of Assaulting Husband’s New Girlfriend at Basketball Tryout

Woman accused of punching another woman in the face and pulling her hair during altercation at Dacula High School.

A Sept. 9 basketball tryout attended by a woman, her still-married boyfriend and the man’s estranged wife ended up producing an unexpected amount of action off the court.

Gwinnett County Police were called to after the girlfriend said she was assaulted by her boyfriend’s soon-to-be-ex-wife. According to the girlfriend, she was standing in a corner away from all the other parents talking on her cell phone when the woman, later identified as Erica Crawford, age 34 of Lawrenceville, approached her and asked why she was there. The girlfriend said she informed Crawford that she was there for herself and resumed her phone conversation. At that point, Crawford allegedly punched the woman in the face, pulled her by the hair to the ground and “began attacking her.”

The soon-to-be-ex-husband told police he was watching his son’s basketball tryout and talking to a friend of his when Crawford walked over to him, pointed to his girlfriend and asked if she was “the new girl.” The man said he told Crawford not to worry about it and continued speaking with his friend. Once he noticed that Crawford had walked over to his girlfriend, he headed in that direction because he was concerned something would happen. He said before he could reach the two women, Crawford punched his girlfriend in the face and he saw the females “go to the ground.” According to the man, he separated the two women and Crawford left the school.

Based on witness accounts, the investigating officer obtained a warrant against Crawford for battery. Later that day, Crawford flagged down another officer at Dacula Middle School and gave her side of the story. Crawford denied initiating the physical contact saying the girlfriend pushed her first. Crawford did, however, reportedly admit punching the other woman in the face. The officer advised Crawford that a warrant had been issued for her arrest and that she should surrender herself.

According to jail records, Crawford was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail on Sept. 11 and released later that day on a $2,950 bond.

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