Nearly $3,000 Missing From Safe at Buford Goodwill Store

A manager discovered the theft on Jan. 31.

Gwinnett County Police are attempting to determine who is responsible for the theft of nearly $3,000 in cash from the Hamilton Mill Goodwill store.

One of the store managers discovered the theft after arriving for work on Jan. 31. According to the police report, the manager went to his office to begin procedures for opening the store. Upon checking the safe, he discovered $2,938 was missing.

Video surveillance showed an employee of the store in the manager’s office when a cashier came in with a register till of money. The employee is seen counting the money and placing it in the safe. Another tape reportedly showed the employee sitting at the computer that controls the surveillance cameras.

“While [the employee] was sitting at the computer, the surveillance camera inside the office was turned off,” the officer noted in the report. “There was a two hour time lapse when the camera was turned back on. In the footage after the camera was turned back on, it shows [the employee] only leaving the office.”

The case is listed as active.

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