Man Injured in Attempt to Not Be 'Punked Out' in Front of His Girlfriend

Incident happened as he and his girlfriend were walking along the railroad tracks.

A 19-year-old Buford man told police he ended up in a confrontation with a group of three males because he was not going to be "punked out in front of his girlfriend."

On Oct. 5, a Gwinnett County Police officer was dispatched to Gwinnett Medical Center to speak with the man who had been brought to the hospital with a severe laceration to his right hand and additional cuts on his arm. When asked what happened, the man said he and his girlfriend had been walking along the railroad tracks in downtown Buford when they saw three men walking towards them on Forrest Avenue. As the group of men drew near, one of the males reportedly asked, "What are you doing in my neighborhood?"

The Buford man said words were exchanged and, in an effort not to be "punked out" in front of his girlfriend, the Buford man "got into one of the males faces." At that point, the male pulled a knife and began swinging it. The man said he was cut during an attempt to disarm the knife-wielding male. According to the man, once his attackers realized he was bleeding, they ran.

After his assailants fled, the man called his grandmother in order to have her take him to the hospital.  

The case is listed as active.

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