Man Gets Truck Towed to Dealership, Has Motorcycle Stolen

The motorcycle had been tied to the back of the truck with bungie cords.

A Connecticut man's transportation woes unfortunately took a turn for the worse after his truck broke down on the interstate and was towed to a Buford dealership.

On Jan. 6 at approximately 4:30 a.m., the man had his truck towed to Mall of Georgia Ford on Nelson Brogdon Boulevard for repairs. According to the man, his motorcycle was tied to the vehicle with bungie cords and was left in the lot for the remainder of the night. When he returned to the dealership later that day, the motorcycle was missing. 

The man said the wrecker driver asked him if he wanted to leave the motorcycle on the vehicle or secure it somewhere else so that it would not be stolen

"The victim said it was suspicious to him that the wrecker driver asked that," the officer noted in the report. "Also, the victim said he left the incident location before the wrecker driver so it was possible the wrecker driver could have stolen the motorcycle."

The case is listed as active.

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