Man Calls Cops After Finding Meth in Son’s Room

Mother tells police drug habit may explain why her son broke into a gas station.

A Buford man sought help from law enforcement after finding illegal drugs in his 20-year-old son’s bedroom.

The son, identified as Branden Fredricks of Springlake Circle in Buford, had been found unconscious by his sister on the afternoon of Jan. 7. According to the police report, the sister found a glass pipe and several pieces of a crystal substance beside Fredricks.

“She woke him and asked him what it was, but he would not tell her,” the officer wrote in the report.

The sister and her father subsequently searched Fredricks’ room and found two small baggies containing the same crystal substance. The father then called police.

Fredricks’ mother turned over a bag containing a black and white glass pipe, two small baggies and several pieces of a clear crystal substance.

“She asked what I thought it was and [I] told her it appeared to be crystal methamphetamine,” the officer wrote. “She asked if it was an expensive habit, which I told her people who are addicted to methamphetamines will do just about anything to pay for the habit.”

The woman reportedly replied that would explain why her son broke into a nearby gas station.

At that point, the officer walked to the back of the house to speak with Fredricks and his father. Fredricks claimed he was holding the methamphetamine for a friend, but admitted knowing it was illegal to be in possession of the substance.

Fredricks was placed under arrest and booked into the Gwinnett County Jail on a charge of possession of a controlled substance.

As of Jan. 18, he remained jailed without bond on the possession charge. Fredricks is also being held on a burglary charge. Bond for the burglary charge has been set at $4,050.

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