High School Student Says He Was Robbed Outside Buford Pharmacy

The 13-year-old teen said a classmate stole his food and tried to take his cellphone.

A Mill Creek High School student told police he was robbed by a classmate during a Feb. 5 incident outside the Rite Aid on Hamilton Mill Road in Buford.

According to the police report, the teen had purchased some food and a drink at Kroger and was walking through the Rite Aid parking lot just after 4 p.m. when he received a call from a classmate. The classmate reportedly asked the teen to wait for him at the Rite Aid.

The classmate arrived at the store a few minutes later accompanied by three males, all of whom allegedly attend Mill Creek High School. The teen said the classmate initially just made small talk, but soon walked up "very close" to the teen and demanded his phone.

"When [the teen] told [the classmate] no, [the classmate] pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket and told [the teen] to hand over the phone or he would stick him," the report stated.

At one point during the verbal exchange, the classmate allegedly took the teen's bag which contained $10 worth of food. The teen informed the officer the classmate left the scene with the other males when two vehicles pulled into the parking lot.

The teen said his classmate had two knives in his possession at the time of the incident -- one in each front pocket. According to the police report, the teen was uninjured and was able to retain possession of his phone.

The case is listed as active.

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