Cigarette Dispute Leads to Three Arrests

Argument results in charges of theft and vandalism.

An argument over some missing cigarettes escalated into a holiday trip to jail for two Dacula residents and a Winder man.

Police were called to an Ashton Briar Court residence on Dec. 23 where they encountered Weston Davis, 19, of Winder, along with Jeshua Massey, 20, and Kaylee Majka, 19, both of Dacula. Davis informed one of the officers that he believed Massey had stolen some of his cigarettes a few days ago. Davis admitted he had no proof Massey stole them, but “was upset by the mere suspicion Massey stole them,” according to the police report.

In retaliation for the suspected theft, Davis took Massey’s guitar and put it in his Volkswagen Jetta. Davis informed the officer he took the guitar without Massey’s permission and did so to make a point about Massey’s alleged thievery. Later that evening after Davis had fallen asleep, one of his friends awakened him and advised that Massey and Majka were going to damage Davis’ Jetta.

“Davis did not believe they were going to damage the Jetta until he heard a banging noise outside,” the officer wrote in the report.

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