Burglar Steals Gun, Jewelry and Victim's Shoes

Weird police news from across North Georgia.

There are always new ideas for things and ways to steal:

You can break into someone's house and take a bunch of valuables, like a gun, jewelry and a camera -- then for good measure also snatch the victim's shoes.

You can remove a Wii game and cell phone accessories from a package so .

You can try to sneak $44 of groceries out of a Walmart by distracting a customer and putting the loot into his shopping cart.

There are also people who like looking at other people and those who do things that make sure they get looked at -- such as the man in Athens accused of being a peeping tom after creeping around an apartment complex looking into windows, and the woman in Sugar Hill accused of flashing her breasts at motorists as she ran away from police. A crack pipe was found in the Athens case; methamphetamine use is suspected in the other.

Finally, there are novel ways of behaving badly in all walks of life, like:

  • Using padlocks to lock the front gates of an apartment complex so nobody can get in or out.
  • Calling the dealer names and getting kicked out of a restaurant after losing a poker hand.
  • Trying to hire a hit man to settle a score against a business partner -- while already in jail for trying to hire a hit man to settle a score against the same business partner.
  • Fleeing police at the scene of a motorcycle accident, after handing over your driver's license so they can find you later.

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