Accused Apartment Arsonist Had Previously Been Found With Bowl of Burning Dog Food

Police: Interacting with interesting people so you don't have to.

A Snellville-area woman who was arrested and charged with setting her apartment on fire became an easy suspect to ID based on past incidents. One previous call to her location reportedly found her in the parking lot with a bowl of dog food on fire. Yep, that’s not a typo.

In other weird police news this past week:

  • The “person down” DeKalb County police found on a recent weekday morning ended up being a half-dressed woman who was sleeping on the ground. The police report said the 46-year-old woman was wearing only a red T-shirt and brown leather boots — no pants or underwear — when she was found in the Stone Mountain area. She didn’t wake up in a good mood, cussing out officers when they tried to cover her with a blanket; there were kids walking to school in the area. She was later placed in soft leg restraints. Disorderly conduct was just one of the charges she faced.
  • Police said they weren’t sure if it was intentional when an argument at a job site in Norcross resulted in one man hitting the other with the bumper of his truck. Really? The argument stemmed from whose work equipment was whose. The man with the truck got mad and peeled off, clipping the other man in the left leg and knocking him to the ground.
  • A Jackson County woman was arrested in Winder after police believed she was responsible for at least 65 car break-ins. Her car was stuffed with stolen items, including debit and credit cards. Two truckloads of stolen items were found in her home. Her explanation: She was “just trying to feed her children."
  • A Lawrenceville man, 24, who took police on a high-speed chase near Dacula, told the officer he and his 18-year-old passenger were really trying to get away from someone else. The driver sped off after the officer stopped at what appeared to be a traffic accident between his car and another, and reached speeds up to 80 mph before blowing out a tire. The driver told the officer that the man in the other vehicle had attacked him and they were simply trying to get away from him. The officer discovered that the driver has his license suspended, and later .
  • Some rage between old classmates from Dacula High School brought police to a Gold’s Gym after a report of a fight involving four men in their 20s. The main suspect — “Fresh,” according to the police report — and another man squared off against the two other men outside the gym. The apparent reason for the confrontation: trash talking.
  • There’s no clever way to write this. The owner of a newly opened funeral home in Loganville had his license suspended after reports that he dismembered an 800-pound body to get it to fit into the crematory at a location his owns in Conyers. It was one in a series of bizarre incidents involving the man, including a “suicide attempt” by shooting himself in the leg and threatening to kill a former business partner. He said his troubles stemmed from a failed relationship with a woman who was the business partner.
  • A woman who wanted partygoers to leave her boyfriend’s house in Buford was serious, according to witnesses. One witness told police she freaked out, and used a 9mm handgun to make her point. The police report said  The woman and the boyfriend denied the incident happened, but witnesses told Gwinnett Police they each saw her point the gun at two people.
  • That’s a big purse: A homeless woman caught shoplifting at a Lowe's Home Improvement store in Oconee County had two 100-foot rolls of copper wire in her purse. The wire was valued at $158. Lowe’s decided not to prosecute.
  • More purse news: A woman charged with shoplifting a box of hair perm from an Athens-area Family Dollar had a surprise for police in her purse — a crack pipe. The woman already had been banned from the store.
  • A Dacula man went to a bank recently and withdrew $1,375, but never made it to his car with the cash. Someone came up from behind and jammed what felt like the barrel of a gun into his back and demanded the money. The suspect got away with $1,300 of the loot.

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