What Do You Think of Patch 2.0?

A new design is being tested on five East Coast Patch sites.

On Sunday night, Patch launched a redesigned platform on five of its New York sites.

The sites -- BellmoreGarden City, LevittownLong Beach and Merrick -- give Patch users a look at a test design that should go nationwide early next year.

The biggest change is the addition of "Groups" -- topic-specific news feeds that let Patch users choose the updates they receive on the customizable homepage. Groups now organize all news, content and information on the new site.

By following or unfollowing different groups, users can make the daily experience of taking in the news more relevant to their everyday lives. (Click here for a video tour of the "Groups" feature). Group members can post their own content or just talk about news happening in the community.

The major groups -- crime, business, etc. -- will be run by Patch editors but users are also encouraged to start groups of their own. Members of a group can post their own stories, photos, events or just talk about news happening in the community.

All in all, the new site fosters a more collaborative community atmosphere that fits the way each town works from day to day.

By design, Patch users outside of the five test towns cannot post or create items on the test sites. This was done to prevent out-of-town content from filling up each of the sites, and to keep things locally relevant. Also, some features may change before the new platform is launched nationally.

Visit the BellmoreGarden CityLevittownLong Beach or Merrick Patch sites and let us know what you think.

What do you think of the Patch redesign? What features do you like or dislike? Let us know in the comments.

Scott September 25, 2012 at 02:59 PM
I've checked out the Long Beach site and must admit I'm NOT a fan of the change. I've always liked the area that Patch had that shows recent comments by us, the READERS. This keeps us all in the loop with those hot button topics. The new design hides the comments and only displays a comment count (in very light text mind you...making it difficult to read in some settings). I feel this is another step backwards for Patch development. They've already taken away the ability to post a general message (i.e. now the comments have to be tied to a story or else start a blog of some sorts). Now they're taking away the "What People Are Saying" area! And the "Groups"...who thinks this is a good idea? It's neat, but really, do people really sit around all day and think, "if I could just re-arrange the way Patch stories appeared to me I would have a better day"? That's preposterous! PATCH - Just DELIVER the news. Don't try to program something that you think people will use to group up stories or try to get groups of readers to focus on stories a select few might enjoy. I want to read the news! Just deliver the news! The market that Patch has focused on is the small market news and keeping the community feel. By creating smaller groups within the small community is Patch trying to make it even more individually focused? A site refresh would be welcomed, but please keep a summary of "What People Are Saying" and ditch the "Groups"! Just DELIVER/Present the news!
DaculaHood September 25, 2012 at 04:22 PM
PLEASE provide some means to filter (from view) posts or blogs (IE: Political)


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