Valentine's Day Trivia: Test Your Valentine's Day Knowledge

How much do you know about the most romantic of holidays?

How well do you know Valentine's Day? Take a crack at the trivia questions below, and look for the answers tomorrow!

  1. About what percentage of Valentine's Day cards are purchased by women?
  2. About how many Valentine's Day cards are sent each year?
  3. One of several conflicting legends of the origin of Valentine's Day contends that St. Valentine was a Christian priest in ancient Rome who continued to perform Christian marriages even though they were outlawed by the emperor. Which Roman emperor made Christian marriage illegal?
  4. Who ordered the St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
  5. In which Shakespeare play is Valentine's Day mentioned? (Bonus question: Which character mentions the holiday?)

How'd you do? Check out Buford Patch tomorrow to find out!


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