Should Choice Trump Life?

Forty years ago this week, the United States Supreme Court decided that taking a life in the womb was allowed under our Constitution.

I oppose violence of any kind toward any of God’s creation. Abuse of the environment or of any of God’s creatures should never be allowed.

Forty years ago this week, the United States Supreme Court decided that taking a life in the womb was allowed under our Constitution. Believing that life begins at conception, I see this as the taking of a life. The arguments used to determine the allowance of abortion always rests upon human choice. The most vulnerable and innocent among us are not allowed to have their choice known when someone else determines their life will end.

Former President Ronald Reagan often said: “I notice that those who support abortion were not aborted.” In the 40 years since abortion was declared as a constitutional right, more than 55 million people have not been given a chance for life. It can only be a guess, but, can we ever know the impact those 55 million people could have had on our world? There is really no way of ever knowing how many of those people would have been allowed to impact our culture in a positive way. By now, many of them would be tax-paying citizens. Maybe some would be serving in public office; others from that number could have been doctors, lawyers, and other positive professionals. Maybe some of those people would have been lawbreakers, deadbeats, and a drain on society. We will never know which segment of society would have been impacted in a positive or negative way as a result of those people having been allowed to live, because they are dead.

I hear stories of unwanted children. My heart breaks when I read of abuse of children by bully parents or other trusted caregivers. We have laws to deal with those who abuse children. We recoil with quick action (as we should) against any who strike out to harm innocent little children. Yet, we continue to have some people in elective office lobbying for choice of death over life. There are people waiting in line to adopt children so to make a decision to abort a child because it is unwanted is no longer an acceptable answer.

When President Obama announced gun control measures under the guise of protecting innocent children, his arguments ring hollow as he continues to support abortion on demand and even partial birth or after birth abortion. In these 40 years since the Roe v Wade decision by the Supreme Court, we have learned much about the after effects of abortion. We have discovered that removing the baby from the womb of the mother (as is done in abortion) has a long term negative effect upon the mother and her health. There are long term emotional consequences also impacting the health of the mother of the child that is aborted. With all we have learned in these 40 years, from where I stand it is time we overturned Roe v Wade.

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Cynthia Montgomery January 22, 2013 at 09:01 PM
AMEN. Written like a believer in life. I know 4 women that had abortions. Some use it for birth control. Some got drunk & got pregnant. Didn't know the guy! Some are getting a divorce & got pregnant with their current husband but don't want the reminder. Judgement is that these women are just bad decision makers. So to correct their poor decision making skills they choose to end their child's life. Don't kill the trees. Don't kill the baby seals. Don't kill the salamanders. Don't kill the whales but for God's sake kill the unborn because they are not fitting nicely into your plan for your future. "They are unwanted?" is the cry of abortionist. If that is so, then why are so many Americans adopting chinese, latino, russian, and other children from around the world? Why,because unwanted American babies are being killed by their mothers & yearning parents are having to go abroad to find children they can adopt. I challenge you that if you find yourself in the state of motherhood, to plan on having the child. Give it over to a family full of love for your child. Can't do it? If you can't have the baby then nobody can have it, REALLY? Don't want to know a part of you is "out there?"REALLY? Would you rather carry, for the rest of your life, the truth that you put to death your own flesh & blood? Consider this...what were you doing 8 months ago? Can't remember...8 months will pass again & live goes on. Don't add another bad decision to your record. Heal with Adoption.
Barry Dollar January 23, 2013 at 12:40 PM
Ray, Thank you for writing this article and reminding us that innocent children need to be protected. I too was wondering about the lost impact of those millions of babies that were killed and discarded as if they were useless matter. A friend said, "One of those babies might have found the cure for cancer." We will never know. I pray for our nation to become broken over abortion and one day choose to value life again.


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