Is America Headed for a Train Wreck?

Some people in Washington believe the American people have deep pockets and have not been taxed enough.

As the 113th Congress convenes for the next two years in a nation thriving on popular opinion, they face very low popular opinion ratings from the American people. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of the people polled have a strong feeling that we just saw in the 112th Congress a true, “do nothing,” spirit.

Certain individuals would argue the 112th Congress did the best it could under the leadership it had. As we look at our government, there should be little doubt that we are divided.  We have watched as the President and the Senate refused to act on issues, except those in their agenda. That is nothing new; however. We have seen that type of activity before. A lot of frustration is being registered by members of Congress who take their job seriously and want to be able to provide the best of leadership to the American people.

Examples of disunity and lack of leadership were seen in the unfolding drama over the first hours of 2013. The much talked about horrible “fiscal cliff,” we were supposed to be thrust over was fast approaching and nothing was being done to stop it. Like a runaway train, our nation was headed for the abyss with disastrous results to follow. The so-called fix to the disaster could be found only in higher taxes. Spending cuts were left for another day.

There are few responsible people among us who think we can sustain (at this growing level of spending increases for entitlements and government handouts) without making cuts to some of the programs. It seems that to cut spending becomes the worst thought to ever cross the mind of big government liberals.

Some people in Washington believe the American people have deep pockets and have not yet been taxed enough. It is true we must deal with the issue of cutting spending, and decide how much higher we are willing to allow our debt ceiling to be raised. When the reality sets in, however, many people agree we must get a grip on our spending, but we must not cut their pet program or project. We hear much about being fair in taxation. Yet the very ones who talk of fairness do everything they can to shelter their money so they will not have to pay higher taxes.

One of the most insidious plans ever used against the American worker is the payroll deduction plan. While we know we must file income tax returns each year, many people seldom realize they are paying taxes every pay cycle. Taxes are taken from them by the employer through government mandated regulation and then sent to the government.

From where I stand, my opinion of the 113th Congress will go up from the 112th, when they cut spending, deal with sealing our borders, exercise their constitutional responsibilities, and do what is necessary to stop this train that is presently running fast out of control.

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