Decide Now to Vote in the Presidential Election

The sad issue in every election is the number of people who do not vote.

As we move closer to the Presidential Election on Nov. 6, absentee ballots can be applied for, and early voting begins on Oct. 15. We are hearing about some people who have yet to decide how they will cast their vote. The sad issue for me, in every election, is the number of people who do not vote.

Have you decided which candidate will get your vote? Let us know in the comments.

Often in this column, I have spoken about rallying people to go to the polls and cast a ballot. In every election we are told it is rare to have even half of the people who are registered to vote take the time to exercise that freedom and vote.

Why would any person be registered to vote and then make a decision not to vote? The answer to that question continues to haunt me. Daily, we are being bombarded with information about candidates, platforms, and positions of the candidates, with polls letting us know the chances of the candidates. I have often said, “The only poll that counts is on election day.” Casting our vote is our way of expressing our opinion as to the person we believe best represents our values. Refusing to vote just because our first pick or the best candidate (in our opinion) is not on the ballot is to surrender the freedom that has been given to us to vote by those who fought and died that we would be able to vote our values.

We can dig into the personalities and the positions of candidates discovering there is no such thing as a perfect person or candidate for any office. That being true does not relieve us from the responsibility to vote. In my lifetime, where I have voted in every election (except one run-off election when I was young and immature), I have never found the perfect candidate. The reality is this earth has never had but one perfect person to walk among us, and he was crucified.

These several weeks before the election, I am pleading with you to become engaged, to make up your mind according to your personal values, and determine now you are going to vote in this election. I have made up my mind as to how I will vote. I have read the platforms of the major political parties to see where they placed their values and determined which one is best aligned with my values. I urge you to do the same.

I often hear from people playing what I call, the “What if game.” What if this happens or that happens, or as we get closer to the election, certain things are exposed about this candidate or that candidate, will you still vote the same way? That can be a very dangerous game to play. A vote is not a vote until it is cast. I feel confident in my choice and look forward to casting my vote. From where I stand, now is the time to decide to vote in this election.

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Cynthia Montgomery September 18, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Mr Ray, You are wise in the fact that voting is the very real way we can change our government. I hear from many that state, "My vote does not count!" I ask them if they would have voted if they had known that unemployment would have been this bad for four long? "Of course I would have voted," they respond. There is no perfect diamond, wife, child, car, house, job, or husband, just as there is no perfect candidate. This election shows us that we can either stay the course or let a new captain take the helm. I thank obama for his trying & now want to elect another man to try his skills. If your child is not learning under a certain teacher you are happy when the year is over because they will be getting a new teacher for the upcoming year. I believe we need a new"teacher" for the future! Our country is in a sad place. I want new thoughts, ideas, visions, and leadership. For those whom say, " Stay the course things are getting better", I say 'So sad that you are willing to bet the welfare of this country on the comment that things are not do bad! When we become a country that buys into the logic that "things could be worse" as obama states, we have fallen from the high point of what America truly is about. When Michelle obama said, I have never been proud of America but now that my husband is president, now I am proud, I say I have never been more ashamed of what America has become under your husband. Vote & let's be proud of our country again!
Ray Newman September 18, 2012 at 10:14 PM
I talked this afternoon to some people, Cynthia, like you, that have already decided how they will vote.
GregRodgers September 19, 2012 at 01:54 PM
I agree that people should vote. Baffles me everytime I hear people say that they have not. The problem is...Politics in this country is so corrupt and controlled by money. We have had a Federal Goverment that has done nothing for 2 yrs. How do we get people rallied up to vote when our own representatives then turnaround and do nothing. It becomes a waste of time to vote and I think our politicians like this alot. Add in our local reps who have been forced out of office and one sent to jail and its a perfect recipe for voter apathy. Unless the "Politics as Usual" fog lifts, I'd excpect more of the same from the electorate. Sad...
Ray Newman September 19, 2012 at 02:18 PM
i agree with what you say, Greg, and that, for me is all the more reason we should vote and urge everyone we know to vote in every election. We will turn this country, county, local elections around when the people, rise up and go to the polls and vote. It is indeed sad when we see the number of people that have taken the time to register to vote, and then miss the opportunity to have their voice heard at the ballot box. Thanks for reading the column and sharing your thoughts.


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