Trippin Down the Reaper’s Road

Life is not always pretty, but the ugliness of it, is called truth and is shunned by the shiny, happy people of the world.

I recently read this article. Spanking may be linked to later mental disorders. It follows a Canadian study, which suggests that physical punishment leads to severe depression, drug and alcohol abuse, violent behavior and a litany of mental illnesses with mile long names. I’m glad the Canadians paid for this one, we pay for too much stupid stuff already.

What I have found, over the years, and I have found a lot, is that those whom we thought to have the best parents, were those who were allowed to get away with anything. I was severely abused, and many of my fellow abuse victims are now in jail and or dead. Those who had it all and were never disciplined seem to share the same fate.

The people who seem to be well adjusted and have the best chance of success are those who had their bottom busted when they needed it. Most will admit they needed it, and could have stood a little more of it, than they got. Nothing says don’t touch hot stuff quicker than actually touching hot stuff. Nothing says behave better than a warmed rear end.

We have become a nation of grandparents raising grandchildren. Grandparents know what needs to be done. However, they are so busy working until they die trying to support their adult children and grandchildren, they are too tired to do it.

Another study suggests that there are 14 million alcoholics and 12 million illicit drug users in America. I have been around the block a few times and believe this number to be totally inaccurate. One must merely work at a convenience store, liquor store or take a look at the statistics for DUI and possession to know this study is way off. Living the life style for a while also gives one much insight. How many people do you know that drink every day of their lives?

Here’s one you don’t want to believe, 81% of the children of those who drink and do drugs heavily, are abused. They go on to have truly legitimate problems with anger, violent behavior, depression, low self esteem, trust issues, relationship issues and here’s the shocker, their lives are marred in drug and alcohol abuse. There is a direct correlation between the abused child and the addicted adult, he is likely to become.

They grow up in fear of their parents being discovered, and any person in a position of authority becomes the enemy. They carry this throughout their lives and struggle to function in a society where they are unwittingly anti establishment from the beginning.  Good lord talk about self discovery.

My first book Informally Educated dealt with my childhood and the severe abuse my family endured. It continues to sell and has sold tens of thousands of copies around the world.  In it, I purposely avoided discussing my struggles with drugs and alcohol. I figured the truth might so disturb people, that my story would be swept under the rug and ignored. I did not want to render my message and the possible good it might do, useless. I now understand that was a mistake. This part of the story must be told or remain another of the untold secrets which allows abuse to continue.

My new book B4:20 is a fiction based on my journey and the journey’s of others I have known. It is a graphic story which although fiction, contains much truth. It reveals much about those of us, who trip down the reaper’s road. Many start this journey, most around the age of thirteen. Some never return, but go on to find what lies behind the reaper’s door, B4 the age of 20.

This book will be as a mirror held before the eyes of many who imagine themselves in control of their runaway lives. It will be revolting to those who have never taken a walk with the reaper. It will shock and horrify. Those who have been, or are on the road now, will deny and decry. Those who have not will condemn and criticize. Life is not always pretty, but the ugliness of it, is called truth and is shunned by the shiny, happy people of the world.

Follow Jamie Farmer from the tragic death of his prostitute mother in rural Georgia to his rebirth as a Marine in Southern California. Join him as he discovers the reaper’s road in the Philippines. Trip along on his ever accelerating, one way journey of disillusionment. If you have the courage, stand nearby as he knocks at the reapers door and then peer inside. If you’re lucky you’ll jump clear, when the time comes, Jamie may not be so lucky.

Learn more about B4:20 and how to arrange to receive one of the first copies below.


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