Sandy to Bring Strong Winds, Cooler Temperatures to the Area

Lows to reach the mid-30s Monday night.

The New England states may be dealing with the brunt of "Frankenstorm" Sandy, but the North Georgia area is still feeling the effects of the massive storm.

Local weather expert and Patch blogger Steve Brueck explained Sandy will bring high winds and colder temperatures to our area.

"Winds will increase today with gusts increasing to 35 mph, with 45 mph in the mountains," Brueck wrote in an email to Patch. "Wrap around moisture will possibly bring showers/snow showers to the extreme north Georgia mountains as Sandy slows down after coming ashore. If it weren't for the winds, we would most likely have freezing temperatures (and still may on Tuesday) but we can still expect lows in the mid 30s overnight." 

Gwinnett County is under a wind advisory until 8 p.m. Monday evening. Tonight's Daculaweather.com forecast calls for a low of 36 with winds out of the west at 15-20 mph with gusts as high as 30 mph. Windy conditions continue tomorrow with gusts predicted as high as 35 mph. Tomorrow's high is expected to reach 55.

In the northeast, Sandy is expected to bring rains, snow and strong, sustained winds. According to The Weather Channel, "After hovering near an already-impressive 950 millibars much of Sunday night, the pressure suddenly dropped to about 942 millibars before 6 a.m. Eastern time. Maximum winds strengthened from 75 mph to at least 85 mph."

The worst impacts of the storm are expected to be felt this evening, The Weather Channel reported.

Read Sandy a 'Massive and Highly Destructive Storm' for ongoing updates about the storm.


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