Mayor Sugardaddie? Sugar Hill Mayor Offers to Change His Title for $1M

The website had previously offered the city $3.75M to change the name of the town to Sugardaddie.com. Mayor counters with offer to change his title.

Sugar Hill, Ga. - Could Sugar Hill Mayor Gary Pirkle soon be known as Mayor Sugardaddie?

According to Darren Shuster, SugarDaddie.com spokesman and founder of Pop Culture PR, Mayor Pirkle has made a counterproposal to Sugardaddie.com's offer to pay $3.75 million if the city of Sugar Hill will change its name to Sugardaddie.com.

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During a 45-minute meeting with Shuster on March 21, Pirkle offered to accept $1 million in return for changing his title to "Sugardaddie" for a period of one year.

Pirkle said he realizes Sugardaddie.com's offer is a publicity stunt, but saw a possibility for the city to benefit as well.

"We thought why not have a little fun with it and get a little publicity for ourselves," Pirkle explained.

Pirkle also offered to let Sugardaddie.com pay for and erect a bronze statue of a gold digger to represent the city's gold mining past, instead of the Hugh Hefner statue installation that is a condition of the original offer. The gold digger statue, which Shuster says would cost $50,000-$100,000, would tie in with the site's "gold digger" image, Shuster explained.

"We didn't think Hugh Hefner was appropriate," Pirkle said.

Shuster said he plans to take both offers to his client. He added the original $3.75 million offer has now been increased to $7.75 million.

As for what Mayor Pirkle will do if Sugardaddie.com actually accepts his offer to change his title:

"I'll be fine with that," Pirkle said. "It will be some money that we can do something nice for the citizens with."

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Louis Zamora March 21, 2013 at 02:49 PM
Maybe Ford can offer my town $7M to use the name yeaford. Just thinking outside the box here and hurray for Pirkle doing the same!
Melodie Davis March 21, 2013 at 04:51 PM
I once lived in Sugar Hill, now I'm in Buford. Anyway, the mayor must be nuts. Thats' insulting to the good people of Sugar Hill. Guess the mayor puts money over morals. Lets all laugh about it.....everyone else will. Who would want to move to a city that sells out to the old mighty dollar??


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