Charter Schools, National Debt and Graduation Rates

This week, Patch readers posted blogs on the national debt, government accountability, graduation rates and more.

Would you like to share your thoughts, ideas and questions on Buford Patch? Bloggers are always welcome, so feel free to speak out on issues both large and small. Here are some excerpts from Patch blogs posted during the past week:

Feeling Manipulated About Charter Schools? There's a Reason for That by Jack McClure

I do not consider the charter school amendment an election issue, because then you lose sight of how the BOE spends its money on such items as lobbying, technology, business development, central office expenses, all of which lead to more furlough days, shorter school years, and group think. (Read more)

 by Brian Crawford

There are few subjects in our current debate more misunderstood than the size and source of our national debt. What prompted me to seek a better understanding of this were some rather startling claims that some of my more conservative friends were making. “Obama has spent more than all of our other Presidents combined” went one, and more recently “In just three years Obama has increased the size of our national debt 60 percent!” (Read more)

Gwinnett County Graduation Rate Is 67.6 Percent by David Hancock

You may have heard that the graduation number was closer to 84 percent.  It is, if you count students that graduate eventually. But if you count the number of students that graduate within four years, the rate is much lower. (Read more) 

Fall Officially Begins This Saturday by North Georgia Weather

The equinox occurs when the tilt of the axis of the earth is vertical in relation to the sun, the earth is neither tilted toward or away from the sun, with the sun is centered on the earth's equator. (Read more)

Stand up for Accountability by Steve Ramey

Citizens, open your eyes to recognize and acknowledge those that abuse the power of elected office in local, state and federal governments. The abuses can be measured by the amount of power an elected has within their grasp or collectively. (Read more)

What Constitutes a Legitimate Government? by Steve Ramey

With the current behaviors of government, would you call them illegitimate or government not abiding by Constitutional law? (Read more)

State of The Climate - August 2012 by North Georgia Weather

Over 200 daily low maximum temperature records were tied or broken in August across the Southeast, compared to only 30 high maximum temperature records. (Read more)

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