Restaurant Employee Touches Food With Bare Hands and Other Violations

A look at the most recent restaurant inspections by the East Metro Health District.

The East Metro Health District is tasked with ensuring restaurant compliance with applicable health and safety regulations. The following restaurant scores are the most recent scores posted on the East Metro Health District website as of Dec. 31. 

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Click on the report links for details regarding the specific violations. 

Recent inspections:      

3217 Buford Drive, Buford
Score: 91
Last inspection: 12/26/12
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  • Utensils stored in room temp water under sauteed prep area. Utensils stored in dipper well without water running. Handle stored in vegetables in drawers under sauteed cooler. Utensils may be stored in continuously running water, in water maintained at 135F or above or on a clean dry surface in between use. Water was poured out and utensils were placed in a clean dry container. Dipper well was turned on. Handles were moved up out of food.  Corrected On-Site.  Repeat Violation.
  • Violation of Code: [.05(6)(b) ] Cutting boards on cookline observed with heavy cuts and discoloration. Cutting surfaces must be maintained in good repair by being resurfaced or replaced. Please replace or resurface cutting boards.  New Violation.


22 Buford Village Way, Suite 211, Buford
Score: 82
Last inspection: 12/27/12
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  • Violation of Code: [.04(4)(a) ] Food handler touched the cooked pasta with his bare hands. Pasta was discarded. Food employees shall not contact exposed, ready-to-eat food with their bare hands and shall use suitable utensils such as deli tissue, spatulas, tongs, single-use gloves, or dispensing equipment.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.
  • Violation of Code: [.03(5)(j)1&2 ] Employee drink stored on the shelf next to containers of oil. Drink removed. Store employee drinks only in approved designated areas separate from food preparation and serving areas, equipment or utensil areas and food storage areas.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.
  • Violation of Code: [.04(6)(g) ] Missing date marks on multiple containers of pasta, multiple containers of marinara sauce, bleu cheese, mozzarella cheese, cooked chicken, tiramisu, cannoli cream. Foods were dated. Refrigerated, ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food prepared and held in a food establishment for more than 24 hours shall be clearly marked to indicate the date or day by which the food shall be consumed on the premises, sold, or discarded, which is including the day of preparation a maximum of seven (7) calendar days from the day the food is prepared if the food is maintained at 41°F (5°C) or below.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.
  • Violation of Code: [.04(6)(h) ] Ready-to-eat potentially hazardous foods held more than 7 days: ham 12/19, made in house House dressing 12/17, made in house caesar dressing 12/20, cheesecake 12/17, sausage 12/20. Foods were discarded. A food that requires datemarking shall be discarded if it exceeds 7 days.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.
  • Violation of Code: [.07(3)(h) ] Employee purse stored on top of oil. Employee shoes stored on top of pasta on the storage shelves. Lockers or other suitable facilities shall be provided and used for the orderly storage of employees' clothing and other possessions.  New Violation.


Cabo’s Mexican Grill
3421 Ridge Road, Buford
Score: 90
Last inspection: 12/27/12
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  • Violation of Code: [.03(5)(c) ] Observed servers bringing dirty dishes in fron tables then taking clean dishes to customers without washing hands. Observed dish washer load dishes then unload without washing hands. Hands must be washed when going from task to task and any other time when hands are contamination. Handwashing must be done with soap and warm water and must last 20 seconds. Sanitizer may NOT be used as a substitution for handwashing. Person in charge was advised and trained staff onsite proper handwashing procedures and when to wash.  Corrected On-Site.  New Violation.
  • Violation of Code: [.05(6)(q) ] Observed fryer baskets, metal strainer, and plates with broken pieces. All equipment must be maintained in good repair. Please replace with new equipment.  New Violation.


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