Multiple Vacant Structure Registration Permits Issued in Buford

Find out what permits have been issued in your neighborhood.

The following Buford area building permits were recently issued by the Gwinnett County Department of Planning and Development

Interior finish:

  • 3333 Buford Drive, Suite 1003 (Spencer’s)
  • 3189-1 Buford Drive, Suite 1343 (Mattress Firm) 

Construction of single-family residence:

  • 1971 Beyers Landing Drive
  • 4312 Mill Farm Lane
  • 4317 Water Mill Drive
  • 3708 Saddlemaker Drive
  • 3688 Saddlemaker Drive
  • 3698 Saddlemaker Drive 

Construction of townhouse:

  • 3444 Sardis Bend Drive
  • 3458 Sardis Bend Drive
  • 3454 Sardis Bend Drive
  • 3456 Sardis Bend Drive
  • 3450 Sardis Bend Drive
  • 3452 Sardis Bend Drive 

Vacant structure registration permit issued:

  • 2394 Royal Pembrooke Lane
  • 2129 Shoal Creek Road
  • 3460 Kentwater Drive 

Water heater replacement:

  • 5745 Lake Windsor Parkway 


  • Permit issued for installation of solar panel at 2740 Wyndham Park Drive.

For more information on building permits and fees, visit the Gwinnett County Planning and Development website.

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